Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rangoli - 1998 to 2013

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hello readers, friends and clients -


This is a final post to let you know that I have closed Rangoli. However, I am still producing a limited number of designs which are available from two bridal hairdressers, (if you are having your hair trial with them). See Sian and Marie's links below.


I also have a small number of designs in stock which can be purchased and sent by registered post. Let's chat by mobile or email, if you are looking for a specific piece. 

Sian Sharkey
Facebook: SianSharkeyHairstylist

Marie Hickey
Website: BridalHairByMarie
Facebook: BridalHairByMarie

And here is one last beautiful Rangoli bride photo to share. Kristi was an American bride who I never met in person. We chatted back and forth by email and phone before I created this double band headpiece with a beaded vintage rose. Doesn't she look stunning?

Thank you to everyone who has supported my business over the last fifteen years. I hope our paths cross again! And if you're planning your wedding, check out some of my favourite wedding specialists too.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rangoli raves and faves!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So, it's finally come; this is my last week at Rangoli! Before I go, I want to rave (in a good way) about some top people that I've either worked with or constantly heard good things about. They are all based in Ireland, (apart from one).

In my last post, I recommended some great hairdressers. Here are some more wedding makers and doers who are truly passionate about what they do. And it shows.

I often get asked for recommendations for make-up artists; someone who will make you look like a more glamorous, but real version of yourself! Check out Aoife and Claire's portfolios if you're looking for natural, yet totally sophisticated make-up. They each have very versatile styles.

Aoife Callaghan
Website: Aoife Callaghan
Facebook: Aoife Callaghan Make-up

Clare Hogan
Website: Clare Hogan

I think I can say that I liked Claire Ryan's flowers before I even saw them! Her business name is The Informal Florist and the name caught my attention immediately! I love everything about Claire's delicate and natural 'bunches' of flowers which look like they've been plucked from a hedgerow on a rambling country walk.

The Informal Florist
Website: The Informal Florist
Facebook: The-Informal-Florist

The French Touch are another florist company who offer something different. They have an eye for detail and combining unusual blooms and foliage together. Simple elegance.

The French Touch
Website: The French Touch
Facebook: thefrenchtouch.flowers

I first stumbled across the Wild Flour Bakery on Instagram and was instantly hooked. Sometimes when you read cookery books, you can almost taste unusual ingredient combinations and this happens in my Instagram feed every day now! How about Earl Grey Tea with gooseberry or Lavender?

The Wild Flour Bakery
Website: Artichoke & Typewriter
Facebook: The Wild Flour Bakery

Dirty Fabulous is a vintage clothing boutique owned by my good friend Caroline and her sister Kathy. What can I say; they both have a lifelong passion (obsession) for collecting and wearing vintage clothes. They live and breathe it. And they dress like they're going to the Oscars every day! But more than all of this, Caroline really understands her customers every need. Choosing your one-off outfit is a totally personal and fun experience, with expert advice on styling your look.

Dirty Fabulous
Website: Dirty Fabulous
Facebook: Dirtyfabulous

Da Capo Goldsmiths are Lee Harding and Se O'Donoghue. They are based in The Design Tower and they made my wedding ring! Creating one-off pieces of jewellery that reflect the personality of the wearer, is what sets them apart. That, along with adventurous use of materials and impeccable finish. These two will involve you in the design process from initial sketch to finished design. How often do you get to do that in your life? Unless you've had a Rangoli design made for you of course!

Da Capo goldsmiths
Website: DaCapo
Facebook: DaCapoGoldsmiths

Photographers... wow, I have got to know so many brilliant photographers and have come to realise what a special skill they have. In fact, I'm fascinated by storytelling and photography; the idea that an image can trigger conversations for generations to come. This idea is explored in my series 'a thousand words', where I have invited some photographers to discuss one of their favourite images.

So, to be as fair as I can, I have chosen one (crazy) lady and one (equally crazy) guy. Crazy in the good sense; they're both the kind of people you might like to invite to your wedding. Go and explore their websites below and see their distinct styles. 

Aga from White Tea and Dave from David McClelland Photography.

White Tea Photography
Website: White Tea
Facebook: WhiteTeaPhotography

David McClelland Photography
Website: DavidMcClellandPhotography
Facebook: DavidMcClellandPhotography

And finally, I'm including the cinematography of Velare Imaginarium. These guys are based in Denver but are also open to travel. Every time I watch one of their wedding films, I'm carried away to special place. I realised that the dreamy slow motion reminds me of one of my favourite experiences ever - a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. Slowing things down, makes us see the emotions so much more clearly; a caress or a sweeping expression on a guest's face. Steve and Tim are able to capture the essence of a day of immense love, movement and words in under five minutes.

I promise, it's worth pausing for 3 minutes and 17 seconds to enjoy this short film!

Velare Imaginarium
Website: Velare Imaginarium
Facebook: velare.imaginarium

Tim and Amy // A Wedding in Reverse from V E L A R E on Vimeo.

Of course I've met tons more talented wedding suppliers over the last 15 years but these are a few that always spring to mind. This blog is full of businesses and people I admire, so make use of my archives to find inspiration. The categories are listed on the right.


I'm finishing up on Saturday, so I'll be back with another post or two before then!

Aisling x

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Snapshots from my Rangoli studio

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I have 9 more days in my studio and I'm busy designing, making and doing a lot of clearing out and packing. It's really is hectic but exhilarating! I've decided to post some studio pics for the next two weeks; corners of my Rangoli world.

This is what my table looked like today; inspiration from a Russian textile book, a dish of random beads, a cool vintage wedding photo found in Lisbon, some sketches, a topaz and crochet headpiece, and a box full of experiments.

My studio (alternative home!) is slowly being deconstructed. It's important to me to record these details to remind me of this wonderful, peaceful space. I'm sure many of you have had this feeling when you pack up and move home? I hope you'll join me for the final countdown!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fabulous Irish (and Aussie!) mobile hairstylists

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Here's a post about some of my favourite wedding peeps; talented people who love what they do and make wedding days super memorable. These people get mentioned to me again and again by my customers and that is the best recommendation in my book. It's been so much fun collaborating with some of you, virtually or in the real world! So first up are my favourite hairdressers.

I am always getting asked for hairstylist recommendations and am so happy to tell you about these ladies...

It's amazing for me to see how my designs are placed into incredible hair sculptures, from tousled boho to perfect chignons. My own wedding stylist, Sandra Crosbie is a total gem but she has relocated back home to Australia. So if you know anyone getting married in The Gold Coast, she is your lady!

Sandra Crosbie (only if you're living in Australia or want to fly her home!)
Facebook: Sandra Crosbie Hairstylist

I have given a small number of Rangoli headpieces to the three hairdressers below. If you having a hair trial with any of them, you can choose to buy one of my designs. Orders can be placed with me online and sent by registered post anywhere in the world!

Sian Sharkey
Facebook: SianSharkeyHairstylist

Lorriane Browne
Website: LorraineBrowneHair

Marie Hickey
Website: BridalHairByMarie
Facebook: BridalHairByMarie

There are many more brilliant mobile hairstylists out there. I also recommend Cathy Mc Nulty at Bridal Hair and Raina Moore at Hair by Raina. I'll be back with some more recommendations in the next two weeks.

Don't forget that I am only accepting Rangoli orders until 28th November. Get in touch if you'd like to arrange to visit my studio!

Photo credits:
Sian Sharkey - to be added
Lorraine Browne photo by Paul Kelly from Studio 3
Marie Hickey photo by Inspired by Love

Monday, November 4, 2013

How to create chocolate out of nothing!

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's only 24 days before Rangoli closes! I want to share something that I believe every girl should know how to do:

How to create chocolate chocolate out of nothing...




There is a great buzz in the studio at the moment with lots of you ordering headpieces and jewels in my discounted sale. You can read more about my offers in this post. If you're thinking about commissioning something from me, please get in touch soon and we'll arrange an appointment. I'd love to meet and design for you before I close on 28th November.

Monday, October 21, 2013

a thousand words - Aga from White Tea

Monday, October 21, 2013

Great photographs tell a story by capturing a moment in time. In this series, I am asking some of my favourite wedding photographers to describe one of their cherished photographs. My inspiration is the book Photography Speaks: 150 Photographers On Their Art. This book features a number of iconic photographers who share some personal reflections about one of their photographs. The idea captured my imagination and is the inspiration for a new series of guest blog posts with photographers.

This photo and story breaks from the the previous format and I love it for that. I'd encourage you to read the story before you look closely at the image. That was the way that I experienced this photo. I was lucky enough to have the story read aloud to me by Aga, from her notebook. As you'll see, she has broken her words up into chapters, (it seemed to suit the detailed description perfectly).

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”
― Diane Arbus

Chapter 1

First up, I want to congratulate Aisling for getting me to write this. Her asking me to do a guest post for the Rangoli blog felt like being back at school, being given homework. I was never good at homework. After becoming a photographer I always thought, well now I'm off the hook. I chose photography, so I don't have to touch pen and paper ever again. It is like if you became a historian, you'd hope that you won't have to remember the periodic table any more. In fact, I was rebelling against writing this piece for longer than I'd like to admit. If you ask Aisling, I'm sure she'll be happy to quote various excuses that I used to why I thought that I absolutely could not do it. Why? Because picking your favourite image isn't easy. Over the years that I have been a wedding photographer I have met so many exciting people, some of whom I have become really close with. I have witnessed many amazing moments, travelled to some fascinating countries and seen some breathtaking locations. How the hell from all those stories are you supposed to pick only one? I also didn't realise that this was just the beginning of the challenge. Writing about it was even more difficult.

Chapter 2

What I like the most about being a photographer is that you don't really have to talk about your feelings and emotions any more. You can put all your thoughts and even your opinions into your images. They are all in there, coded. Most people will probably not put time and effort into trying to understand what you want to communicate. Those who will are probably the sensitive ones, so in a way that feels much safer. Photographs for me are a bit like poems I guess. There is a lot of symbolism in the poems and only when you pause, listen carefully and if you have experienced similar emotions in the past as the author, you'll be able to know what they are about.

Photographing weddings is even safer. After all, you are telling other people's stories. You are hired to be a quiet observer at somebody else's important event and to report back at the end of it. Nobody even suspects that you might be including your own thoughts and opinions. And with weddings being such happy occasions they are even less suspicious that through the images you might be communicating your own fears and insecurities.

That's why when picking an image for Aisling's feature I didn't look for an image with the most amazing light or a smart composition. I wasn't trying to find a photo that would show extreme emotions or a great decisive moment. I decided to pick a photo that speaks about my own heart.

Chapter 3

Even when I'm thinking about which sentence to put on paper next I feel my heart beating faster. I suppose now I understand why writing is so difficult. And I have done things in the past that seemed more difficult or risky. So, there it goes. The reason why I picked the picture of Hilda is because, for me, it speaks about my own loneliness. She is standing there with the light shining through her sheer dress which shows her gentleness and fragility. Her hair and the light fabric of her dress is blown by the wind, but she doesn't fight against it. She is standing there, strong. In a way she is like the little tree on the left side of the frame. Wind is playing with the delicate leaves, but the tree is standing strong. She is standing at the edge of the light and at the edge of the hill. What is in front of her is dark and unclear. We can see bits of grass, but they are just hints of what is before her. The sky is blue and cloudless and despite all that is happening in the scene, the image looks very calm.

Aga, I'm glad you took so long to write this piece; it was worth the wait. Now it's my turn to be at a loss for words! Your story made me feel something beautiful and I'm glad to also have you as a friend. Thank you for rising to the challenge.

Have a look at Aga's photography on her website White Tea or Facebook page. This photo is part of a series, which you can view together on my blog or on Pinterest. Your thoughts or comments are really welcomed below!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rangoli bridal accessories sale

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rangoli is closing its doors on 30th November! This is a post to thank all of my past customers and to remind everyone that I am welcoming orders until the end of November. So if you'd like one of my designs, now is the time to get in touch!


As a special way of saying thanks, I am offering a number of discounts to my valued, old and new clients. I'd really appreciate if you could help me spread the word by sharing this post with family or friends!

I will still be working on an appointment basis from Tuesdays to Saturdays, so get in touch if you'd like to receive one of my special discounts below. *Final orders must be placed by Thursday 28th November 2013

I'm really happy to offer everyone the following discounts:

  • To all of my previous clients; if you are interested in having a piece of regular jewellery or headpiece designed, I will offer you a 30% discount. This offer can be shared with a good friend or colleague too, for bridal accessories! (The customer just needs to mention the person they know and the date of their wedding)
  • For first time customers, I am extending a 20% discount on all designs.
  • I also have a range of headpieces and jewellery on display which will be priced individually.

I can accommodate some evening appointments by request. Give me a call or email me and we'll arrange an appointment. I'm looking forward to chatting with old and new clients in my showroom in The Design Tower! Remember, final orders must be placed by Thursday 28th November 2013

For more information visit my Rangoli Website and Facebook page.

Thanks everyone
x Aisling